About ChainWear

 me.ed4 About ChainWear

ChainWear was founded Amy Regan, business owner, former pro cyclist and owner of AZ Mountain Biking. Artistically creative, ChainWear began with a simple story.

“I had been looking for a chain bracelet for years but they were either too big, too plain, too pricey or too cheaply made. I like making things myself, so I started experimenting with an old chain of mine.” After many tries and re-works, and nearly giving up on the idea, Amy found it – the design that is now her copyright; unique, recycled, handmade, bike oriented jewelry.

ChainWear’s and AZ Mountain Biking’s involvement in the cycling community has helped ChainWear to grow with donations of many worn, broken, greasy chains! The chains are scrubbed and polished  –  yet the wear from cogs and chain rings have left their unique mark and own story on each one.

gill2.ed“When I’m making them I think about where the chains have been, the trails they have might been down and the roads they might have traveled.”  Made into jewelry and worn by people all over the country, they still have many more miles to go.

ChainWear gives back to this healthy and happy way of life that two-wheels gives us, by donating 10% to various organizations. “Every six months we change where the funds go –  there are so many good causes.”

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